International Investment Law and the Law of Armed Conflict (5-6 OCT 2017)

The Conference organised by the UoAPIL-CNRS-CREDIMI and UoZ in Athens was an indeed successful one: a great number of participants and an in depth analysis being its major features (5-6 OCT 2017). Stratis presented a paper on: “Protecting an Investment while safeguarding Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict: An essential dialogue between fora”.


International Arbitration Conference

An International Arbitration Conference took place on 30th June and 1st July 2017 in Larnaca, Cyprus (Apothiki 79), co-organised by the Cypriot, French and Hellenic Branches of the International Law Association. On 30th June 2017, Mr Stratis Georgilas, VP of the ILA/GR, presented his paper on “Arbitrations involving Bribery and Corruption: Some Preliminary Considerations”.  The following day…


Some Thoughts on the Fate of Poorer Member States’ Healthcare Systems after the Ruling in Petru

The ruling in Petru, although unnoticed by legal doctrine, has a very powerful potential effect on national health systems. The Court accepts that a patient from a Member State where public healthcare is of poor quality may, at the expense of that State, receive treatment in another Member State. In this way it gives priority to individual patient…


Judicial Settlement of Space-Related Disputes

Paper, International Conference on new Challenges in Space Law, University of Athens – McGill University (Athens, 28 AUG2015): The Space Treaties at Crossroads: Considerations for de lege ferenda, “Judicial Settlement of Space-Related Disputes: Sovereignty’s final Fetters” (In English).